Applications and Pricing

(not all blasting is equal we use the best for Quality and Speed)

World Class Blasting Rates:   

TEL:  501-458-4242

What we Charge for our Outstanding Quality and Craftsmanship!!

Crushed Glass      $150     per blasting hour                          
Fine Glass              $160     per blasting hour
Walnut Blasting    $190     per blasting hour
‚ÄčSoda Blasting        $200     per blasting hour
Dry Ice                    $300     per blasting hour plus media

*4 Hour Min for mobile blasting + $400.00 mobile charge per day and mileage

*mileage is $2.00 per mile each way

We charge $50 per man hour for General Labor (prepping)

hourly rate is for comparison only - actual price given in writing before work is started

In house blasting booth

We can provide estimates for most all jobs.

Firm quotes must have eyes on project.

Xpress Media Blasting LLC

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